HNO Ärztin Dr. Rollin - Snoring

Snoring can be a severe disease and an irritation to your sleeping partner. Together we will try to understand what kind of snoring you are suffering from and what solutions are available for you.

Snoring in children

For snoring in children parents should be aware of adenoids or enlarged tonsils. I have taken extra courses according to the German BUB guidelines to qualify myself for this topic. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


  • Endoscopy

    I work with modern endoscope equipment to identify and observe even the smallest of pathological changes within the ENT field. All of the equipment used within my practice meets the high standards required by German law quality management.

  • Ultrasonic

    The Ultrasonic procedure is an easy and harmless method to detect and observe pathogenic processes within your face, neck and salivary glands. By using my equipment I can observe enlarged lymph-nodes, unexplained swellings and your thyroid gland.

    If I find issues that require further examination I then use an ultra thin needle to take tissue samples - this method is also relatively pain free - patients feeling less discomfort than they would if giving blood.

    All of the equipment used within my Practice meets the highest standards set out by German law quality management.

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  • Mrs. Dr. Rollin takes the time to do a detailed treatment and knows what she is doing. I was helped very well here.

  • Mrs. Rollin is very nice and humorous. Professionally, I feel very well looked after and advised.

  • Mrs. Dr. Rollin is thorough, competent and still very nice and takes a lot of time for her patients.

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Dr. med Anne Rollin
ENT Doctor
Beselerplatz 11
DE 22607 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 - 890 64 882
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A7 exit "Othmarschen" (29)
S1 or S11 "Othmarschen"
Bus no. 1, 186 or 286
Transport network Hamburg

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Feel free to give me a call:
+49 (0)40 - 890 64 882

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