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Dear patients

During this impacting Corona pandemia many people are concerned to catch the Virus in an office. I can fully understand and I feel pretty the same. But you can be sure, that I do all my best to protect us both from two-way contagion to the utmost probability.

Single appointments

My appointments are single appointments so you´ll find an empty waiting area and enough space to perform smart distancing in any case.

Face masks

I am wearing a face mask WITHOUT a valve, so I cannot infect you in case that I am a silent spreader, not knowing about that of course.

That applies to you too. So I beg you to wear a face mask without a valve and I ask you to remove it during examination of nose and throat.

Other procedures

If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Many things can be discussed and organized by phone. Of course I am staying at home too if I feel unwell.

My rooms are frequently ventilated in a natural way (no air condition) and my chair is desinfected after each patient.

If you enter my office I beg you to remove gloves and wash your hands properly.

Covid 19 - Testing

If you wish a testing for Covid 19 I offer you this by mouthwashing PCR. Compared to PCR swab taken from throat it provides same significance confirmed by Professor Drosten, leading virologist from Charité. This procedure is less awkward for you and less risky for me.

If you are interested in your antibody state via (Elisa IgG antibody titers) from former maybe silent Covid 19 Infection, I can take your blood for that issue.

All my testing is done by the Laboratory of Dr. von Froreich-Bioscentia, DIN certified EN ISO 15189.

If you have any questions left about that impacting topic CORONA feel free to ask me.

But for all that: Have a good time!

Yours Anne Rollin

  • Mrs. Dr. Rollin takes the time to do a detailed treatment and knows what she is doing. I was helped very well here.

  • Mrs. Rollin is very nice and humorous. Professionally, I feel very well looked after and advised.

  • Mrs. Dr. Rollin is thorough, competent and still very nice and takes a lot of time for her patients.

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Dr. med Anne Rollin
ENT Doctor
Beselerplatz 11
DE 22607 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 - 890 64 882
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A7 exit "Othmarschen" (29)
S1 or S11 "Othmarschen"
Bus no. 1, 186 or 286
Transport network Hamburg

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+49 (0)40 - 890 64 882

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